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    Samsung TVs: All you need to know

    Samsung is the biggest-selling TV manufacturer in North America. The South Korean firm primarily produces LED TVs (LCD sets with LED backlights), but still offers some great plasma TVs.

    Best Buy Samsung TVs vary from affordable 32-inch sets costing under $400, to premium 55-inch models that will set you back several thousands dollars.

    Alongside LED and plasma, Samsung makes OLED TVs, and TVs capable of 4K or ultra-high-definition (Ultra HD) picture resolution that is four times sharper and more detailed than Full HD (for more, see What is 4K TV?).

    Samsung smart TV

    Samsung has invested heavily in developing its smart TV service that can connect to the internet (for more, please see What is smart TV?). In terms of the breadth and quality of apps available, it's a step ahead of rival brands.

    You can also stream movies via Netflix and LoveFilm, or use social networking apps such as Facebook and Twitter. Alongside a good range of pre-loaded apps, Samsung TVs have an app store for you to download more.

    You can usually browse the web on Samsung smart TVs, and some of the higher-end models have special remote controls with laptop-style trackpads for controlling the features. This is useful, as our testing has revealed that Samsung's smart TV can be tricky to navigate with just a standard remote control.

    Samsung 3D TV

    Samsung was the first TV manufacturer to get 3D TVs into the shops back in 2010, and now a significant proportion of Samsung's LED and plasma TVs are 3D-capable. Samsung only makes TVs with active 3D. This technology usually produces a high-resolution 3D effect with a more detailed picture on screen, but the special glasses are clunky to wear and expensive if you need to buy extra pairs.

    Samsung's big rival, LG, instead uses passive 3D technology with its TVs. While the image you'll see is lower resolution, the chief advantage of passive 3D is that the glasses are cheaper and so LG 3D TVs tend to come with more free pairs. For more on this, please head to our What is 3D TV? guide.

    Samsung TV: model numbers explained

    Out of all the major TV brands, Samsung's approach to model numbers is probably the most straightforward to understand - basically, the bigger the 'series number' the more features and gadgets will be on the TV.

    Looking at a Samsung model number may be confusing at first but once you understand how it is broken up reading them becomes a breeze.

    For Example: UN55F8000AFXZA

    When we break the model number down we will learn about what it is identifying:

    U = LED

    N = Produced for North America

    55 = Screen Size

    F = Model year 2013

    8000 = Series

    A = Features or design

    FXZ = Manufacturer information

    A = Produced for U.S.A

    If you have:

    • A UN55F8000BFXZA instead of the UN55F8000AFXZA used in the example the difference between the two models would be a design change, a different color bezel for example. But all other specifications would be the same.
    • A UN55F8000AFXZC you have a model that was produced for Canada.

    So knowing how the model break down works you can the Chart below.

    Important: This chart will contain mostly US information if it does not have the information you are looking for you my not have a US TV.

    2008 - Current




    U = LED

    P = Plasma

    L = LCD

    H = DLP

    K = OLED


    N = North America

    E= Europe

    A = Asia


    Size in inches


    Model year

    F = 2013

    E = 2012

    D = 2011

    C = 2010

    B = 2009

    A = 2008




    Feature or Design


    Manufacturing information


    Country Produced for

    A = USA

    C = Canada

    Exceptions: There is one exception to this rule for 2012 and 2013 LED TVs. There was included an additional letter included after the year to indicate if it was a slim or hybrid LED model





    EH Hybrid LED Model

    ES Slim  LED Model


    FH Hybrid LED Model

    F Slim LED Model

    Legacy Models




    FP or HP = Plasma

    LN = LCD

    HL = DLP

    TX = CRT


    Model year

    T = 2007

    S = 2006

    R = 2005

    P = 2004

    N = 2003

    M = 2002


    Size in inches




    Resolution indicator (Full HD)


    Feature or design indicator


    Manufacturing information


    Country Produced for

    A = USA

    C = Canada